While I’ve never used Audacity before, I have extensive knowledge of Protools, so this is fairly recognizable to me.  Despite my familiarity with recording software, I still learned a lot from Audacity.  There were quite a few things I didn’t like.  For example, it was very difficult to move around the audio of a track.  If audio needed to be moved a couple seconds in one direction, it couldn’t be done without copying the audio and creating another track.  This was very frustrating.

Based on the difficulty I had creating this, plus the inability for many of my students to do this at home, I will probably not have my students use this software.  However, I may consider creating my own for the class.


About CDillon2

Hello! My name is Chris Dillon and I am a student in TPTE 586 at the University of Tennessee. I have just completed a year long internship and will begin teaching in Knox county in August.
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