QR Codes

I found these to be very frustrating.  Not having a phone that can make use of these really added to that.  Still, I finally learned what they are and mostly how they work.  They are very easy to make if you can find the correct website, which is pretty useful.  I think this will be a lot easier to use in the classroom than most of the other web 2.0 tools we’ve discussed.  As opposed to computers with internet, most of my students have cell phones.  I don’t think I’d make this a mandatory class assignment, but I would probably leave some QR codes around the room as a review, or a link to a movie clip that would enrich a lesson.  I might also put a new one on my classroom door each week for the same purpose.  


Here’s my vCard:





About CDillon2

Hello! My name is Chris Dillon and I am a student in TPTE 586 at the University of Tennessee. I have just completed a year long internship and will begin teaching in Knox county in August.
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