My web 2.0 tool was Prezi.  My experience with Prezi is very limited, because every time I attempt to make a Prezi, I get too frustrated to complete it.  While Prezi is a tool with cool capabilities, it is extremely aggravating.  After seeing Prezi used in my 486 class, I tried to make one.  When I dusted off my 2 year old Prezi account, that same presentation was still in there, horribly out of date and bad looking.  I rewatched the how-to video this time and finally knew what I was doing (I thought).

In my recent experience with Prezi, I finally learned (through arduous trial) how to make a good looking powerpoint.  The zoom feature is fantastic and can really make a presentation much more interesting than the status quo.  I would love to use this tool in my classroom.  However, the internet tends to go out in school a lot, and if for some reason I didn’t have my Prezi downloaded to my desktop, I’d be out of luck.  Still, this will serve as a great medium in my lectures.



About CDillon2

Hello! My name is Chris Dillon and I am a student in TPTE 586 at the University of Tennessee. I have just completed a year long internship and will begin teaching in Knox county in August.
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